Dauntesy’s School Charity Event

We had the privilege of playing at Dauntsey’s School recently, a fantastic 6th form in Wiltshire. The school sends its students off to Romania every year to do a series of charity work, and the students organise a fundraiser to help raise money to fun the trip. They held an auction, put on a fantastic dinner, and provided some nostalgic entertainment for their 1920’s theme. The Tom Belbin Trio was very excited to help promote such a worthwhile cause, and we was looking forward to this gig for the entire week.

On the journey down we unexpectedly passed Stonehenge, one of Englands most renowned historical sites. Thankfully we had left plenty early, so we stopped of to have a quick look. We met a lovely American couple who took some snaps for us, and we headed on up to the school.





When we arrived at the school, we were taken back by how much work the students had put in. The event looked amazing, and soon the room filled up with people. The food and music went down with the guests really well, and everyone was up dancing to our faster swing set later on in the evening. A lovely young student offered to take some photo’s for us, and took these great snaps.


The song below is Caravan, one of our favourites as it is from one of the greatest times during the swing period, and always gets people tapping their feet! We look forward to seeing Dauntsey’s school again, and wish all their students the best.


As always, thanks for checking out or stuff, TBT.



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